Collecting Data

Data collection is the process of obtaining precise observations or measurements in order to answer research questions, assess trends or probabilities, and also to determine the results. Data can be gathered through many different methods, including surveys, questionnaires, interviews, observation, and many more. The data is often stored in spreadsheets or other structured formats that can be later analyzed.

To collect the most valuable information for your company or organization You’ll need to employ an organized method that guarantees the data is gathered precisely and consistently. The best tool to accomplish this is a form which can be used to systemize and standardize the way information is entered by researchers or participants. A mobile forms application such as Magpi can help you create surveys or questionnaires that are easy to use and adaptable, giving your participants the possibility to include free text or radio buttons, checkboxes photographs, barcodes, signatures and other forms of input.

Once you’ve chosen your primary data collection method(s) It’s time to put them into practice. This will vary depending on the type of data you’re capturing however, it could involve administering your survey, interview or observation to participants and/or recording or monitoring the results. You’ll need to plan the analysis of your data once it’s been collected. This is important because it guarantees that the data you’ve gathered will respond to your research issue.