Data Rooms in Germany

A data room is a safe platform to exchange confidential documents. The most common use cases are interdisciplinary project work, client and lawyer communication or due diligence processes. The virtual version of the data safe that is locked offers all the advantages of a modern communications tool and is fully compliant with data protection laws.

In Germany Virtual data rooms are used in Germany for many confidential business transactions. These include mergers, acquisitions, real estate transactions as well as investment projects and due diligence.

A virtual data room guarantees that the confidential information can only be accessed by sanctioned users. This improves the security and trustworthiness of the project. The data rooms also allow for better collaboration which accelerates the decision-making process.

The idgard Virtual Data Room is ideal for secure collaboration with external partners such as lawyers or clients, or to share information with internal teams. It’s also an excellent tool to establish efficient board communications. The data room is simple to configure and manage. The data is protected with strong encryption and passwords against any unauthorized access.

The German virtual data room provider netfiles GmbH was successfully audited in conformity with the internationally recognized SOC standard, which is a must for businesses who want to comply with GDPR. The solution is a part of the initiative Cloud Services Made in Germany and adheres to strict EU privacy standards. The company’s data centers are located in Berlin, Frankfurt, and Munich. They offer rapid speed and high-quality security.