How to Compose a Job Post

The process of writing a job ad is like fishing–you’re using the lure to attract candidates. The words you use and the descriptions of the responsibilities, qualifications and even if you’re looking for certain degrees are what can determine the success or failure of the process of recruiting.

It’s important to get this right from the beginning. Clarity in a job advertisement is crucial to attracting the right candidates, avoiding candidate ghosting and drop-off and ensuring an efficient and fair hiring process for your company.

The first part of your job description should specifically define the role and the obligations. Include the title of the job, a short description of the duties and any required and preferred qualifications.

You’ll also need to mention any unique benefits that your company offers for employees, such as paid time off, flexible working hours, or free meals in the office. These details can help your company stand out from other companies and attract candidates who would not otherwise have a chance to work.

Include the salary you’ll be receiving for this job and any other benefits you may offer like mentorship or training program. This will ensure that your job description is competitive and within your budget.