Investing in a Board Portal

Making the decision to invest in a portal for board members is a significant choice that will affect the effectiveness of your organization. When selecting a provider make sure you choose one with an established reputation and excellent customer service. The ideal company will be able to address all your queries and provide training. In addition, it’s recommended to choose a firm that provides mobile accessibility and encryption of data, as this will ensure that your private information is protected.

A well-designed board portal makes it easy to get the work done

Board members are busy and have a lot to attend to. They shouldn’t need to spend more time looking for the right meeting times, or sorting through emails attachments. Find a board-management application that allows you to create and share agendas, notes and documents with your board. A reliable portal lets you easily communicate with other team members and fellow directors via the platform. This will assist your board members to attend meetings prepared and ready to act.

The board portal you use should include a task manager that tracks the tasks that are assigned. This will save your members time. Therefore, everyone doesn’t have to be concerned about whether they are required to attend an alumni gathering or write the report on fundraising. A board portal with calendar integrations allow your board to see everyone’s availability in real-time and schedule meetings in accordance with. Look for board portals that offer features like remote wipe and permanent erase to protect the sensitive data of your board.

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