Top 5 Most Recent Games

The most recent games aren’t always the ones that are the best of the year. However, they’re the ones that stood out the most. They’re the ones that you’ll be talking about and playing for a long time after they hit the shelves – whether that’s for their captivating stories, the enveloping atmospheres, or their unstoppable gameplay.

While most sequels are incremental improvements to an existing formula, XCOM 2 rises above its predecessor due to a fresh perspective and a reworked combat system that offers an unlimited ceiling for experienced players. It’s among the few games that is both child-friendly as well as mature, and has a fun factor that doesn’t compromise its intelligence.

Brutal Legend, the very first non-Squaresoft game that uses Unreal Engine 4, proves that old school action can still be powerful. The game is awash with nostalgia from every crevice, and has an aesthetic that combines dark beauty of PS1 classics with the stunning elegance of modern action games.

Despite some of the most boring grinding games in the genre Spec Ops: The Line is an excellent shooter that’s more focused on story than before. It’s the most intriguing installment to date in the series, with a sci-fi setting that’s both easy to relate to but difficult to understand and a character that’s accessible but also difficult to empathise.

Despite a lack of new content, Final Fantasy XIV has returned to the favor of fans following a downturn with Warlords of Draenor. The game’s resurgence is thanks to a refocus on storytelling as well as an ongoing commitment by the development team to improve the base experience through a variety expansions that make it one of the few subscription MMOs that you’ll want to stay with.