Working With Documents

Documents are a regular part of everyone’s job. Documentation aids in streamlining the process of executing projects by defining steps, providing a record of decisions and statuses and keeping track of the large and minor elements that make up the overall picture. Documentation is often a neglected aspect, but it’s essential to the success of any company or organization.

Traditionally the term “document” is employed to refer to printed text however, the methods of documentation are currently being expanded beyond that. Documents could be any physical representation of data including drawings, photographs videos, etc. are all documents.

A document can be organized like a list, or form, semi-structured like an article in a newspaper or book or unstructured such as an unwritten note. Documents may be classified as either public, private or secret.

No matter what their format or form, most documents produced in an organizational environment adhere to certain conventions and standards that are universally accepted within the company. This ensures that all new documents follow the same design and structure. This creates greater transparency and consistency in the workflow of documents within the organization and the overall ecosystem.